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 Latin Chicks first opened for business on September 1st. 2009 in Savannah GA. The idea for a much needed latin cuisine restaurant originated about 8 months earlier by two Armstrong students, (Mary Githens and Martin Ruiz) looking to put to use their entrepreneurial knowledge.

The knowledge of Head Chef, Miriam Sosa, and her extensive experience in international cuisine helped to design an ideal menu for an original restaurant with a little flavor from all of South America and the Caribbean, in a menu simple enough to work in a fast food environment. In a few words Latin Chicks is delicious restaurant food, served fast and offered at fast food prices. A great, delicious, and healthier alter native to fast food.

Latin Chicks Latin Chicks offers a mix of original Latin American d ishes ranging from Brazilian style “Churrasco” to Cuban “Ropa Vieja,” and o ur specialty, Peruvian style “Pollo a la Brasa” Coal fired chicken.

All main courses can be accompanied of your choice of a variety of Caribbean and South American style side dishes prepared with our unique Lat in Chicks’ recipes. Latin Chicks also specializes in “Churros” (a traditional latin american pastry), Empanadas filled with beef and chicken, and delicious homemade desserts.